Beer & Wine

Angkor or Cambodia  $1
Dark ABC  $2

Brunty's Cider $3  (Made in Cambodia)
Apple    Pear 

Sauvignon Blanc - White Wine 
glass $3.5    bottle $14

Merlot - Red Wine
glass $3    bottle $14

Brut Dargent - Champagne
bottle $25

Sangria   $3.5
Red      White  


Hard Stuff  $2
Rum    Tequila     Vodka     Gin     Whiskey

Mixers  $1
Coke      Sprite      Soda Water      Tonic Water     Pineapple Juice      Mandarin Juice 

Paradise Cocktails

Eve's Serpent $3.5
kaffir lime infused gin, tonic, and lime  

Naked & Shameless  $3.5
white rum, ginger, lime juice, triple sec, soda  

Adam's Rib  $4
Kampot peppercorn infused vodka, tomato juice, lime, wasabi, tabasco

Fruit of Knowledge   $4
chili infused vodka, fresh mango, lime juice       

Original Sin    $4
Kampot pepper infused vodka, passion fruit, soda   

Good & Evil   $3.5
white rum, mint, lime juice, passion fruit, soda   

Breath of Life  $3.5
white rum, mint, lemongrass, lime juice, soda   

First Man    $3.5
whiskey, coffee, triple sec, and ginger    

Frozen Cocktails   

Margarita   $4
tequila blended with ice, lime, triple sec and a choice of
lime    mango     watermelon     pineapple    dragon fruit    passion fruit

Daiquiri   $4
rum blended with ice, lime and a choice of;
lime    mango      watermelon    pineapple    dragon fruit    passion fruit    banana

Pina Colada  $4
rum blended with ice, lime, coconut cream and fresh pineapple

ChiChi    $4
vodka blended with ice, lime, coconut cream and fresh pineapple

Rainy Road  $4.5
whiskey blended with ice, nutella, condensed milk, coffee, & oreos

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Coconut   $1
straight from our garden!

Italian Sodas  $1.5
Lemongrass     Ginger     Passion fruit

Iced Coffee  $1

Soft Drinks  $1
Coke   Coke Light    Sprite    Soda Water    Tonic Water

Juice  $1
pineapple     tangerine     tomato     limeade

Blender Drinks

Smoothies   $2
blended milk, palm sugar, ice and choice of up to two items;
banana  papaya  watermelon  dragon fruit  mango   pineapple  coconut  coffee  oreo  cashew   nutella
extra items 50c each
add Moringa 50c

Yoghurt Lassi   $2.5
yoghurt, palm sugar, ice and choice of;
mixed fruit    papaya   mango   pineapple    banana    watermelon   dragon fruit    passion fruit
extra items 50c each
add Moringa 50c

Granita  $2
blended ice , palm sugar, and choice of;
mango    watermelon     pineapple    papaya    dragon fruit  

Hot Drinks

Coffee  $1

Tea   $1
English Breakfast    Earl Grey    Green Tea

Herbal Teas  $1
Moringa - general good health
Lemongrass - cooling 
Chrysanthemum - calming
Astragulus - colds and flu
Ginger - digestion