About EDEN Eco Village

What's “Eco” about Eden?

We buy organic and farm direct and most of the food served comes from within a 50Km radius of Eden. By doing this we can support local small businesses and we encourage you to do the same.

Eden’s building materials are renewable and solar power is used in every room. Electricity is still produced by inefficient diesel generators in Cambodia that are very destructive to our planet.

Recycling is very important to us and we recycle and compost where we can. Our compost toilets do not waste clean water, instead waste is converted into valuable fertilizer.

There’s a mango orchard in the back of the property and we have plans for an organic permaculture system for laying hens to supply produce and eggs for our kitchen in the near future.

We hire and train local villagers in order to contribute to the economy and capacity of our community. Our local staff lead rich and fascinating lives and have given Eden a family connection to our surrounding village.

Thanks for supporting our efforts to live more gently on ­this planet!